Tajmeel & MOL Project

 Qualification and Licensing of Staff in Beauty, Hair, and Spa Industries in Qatar

A Joint Program between Qatar International Beauty Academy & the Ministry of Labor in Qatar

 A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Social Development Centre  (SDC) and the Ministry of Labor in Qatar on January 24, 2013 regarding the qualification and training of those who wish to work in the beauty and hair industry.

Under this convention, the Ministry of Labor authorized Qatar International Beauty Academy (QIBA) to assess and rehabilitate workers in women's beauty salons in Qatar as a prerequisite for granting licenses to practice the profession.

The new rule has been implemented effective since March 3, 2013.

Under the new regulatory framework:

- Licenses shall only be granted or renewed for beauty salon employee who are qualified and have certificates proving their qualifications.

- The Ministry of Labor trusts QIBA’s recommendation on whether to renew a license or not.

Occupations covered by the new rule (first phase): Facial Treatment Specialists; Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment Specialists; Manicure – Pedicure Specialists; Waxing Specialists; Hair Coloring, Cutting and Styling Specialists; and Makeup Specialists.

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